Today that time came
               It will come was a  fact
               My days of preparation
                Still I didn't get the tact

                I know I wasted time
             But it was my compulsion
And now she enquired me for other guy
And my inner thoughts get propulsion

            She is the special friend
                  And I can't lie her
                Guy was really good
  Crossing him I don't want to try her

               But in my honest view
            They don't share the love
            No, I was not being villain
But actually it was strong infatuation dove

              I know where it is leading
Their mental compatibility is not well
She will loose her complete significance
                  And it will be her hell

 I suggest her to try break not break-up
     As I don't mind them going miles
   I am just concerned for her well being
     I am just concerned for her smiles

          One phone ring in this morning
           made me the cloying learner
                  See, fear to loose her
               Results into loosing her
                      ©Abhinav Mankar 080417