One Silent Night

                     One Silent Night
  College-time fantasy is special for everyone. Specially if it is of romantic type. When you just imagine various scene with your special one, it's the feeling that no one can expressed fully. Here presenting one such fantasy, how I imagined to propose my love in college days. Hope you can connect with it.

One Silent Night

Waiting for one silent night
With full of stars and moon some bright

In a peaceful ground with there some tree
I will be there for some time free

There I will see alone standing someone
And that will be my love and not anyone

Then I will break my silence so long
And let my heart to sing a lovely song

It  will express my emotions for her
And that will be the all new words I spoke ever

After I will ask to change her name
Last two of me with her first name same

Again, there will be only the sound of air
And my heart will beat to happen some fair

Then she will speak for first time on it
And now I don’t want to imagine that bit

That bit will decide direction of my life flow
It will real start for ‘Yes’ and pure end for ‘No’

To solve this mystery of may and might
I eagerly waiting for that one silent night
                         ….just One Silent Night
                                                                                              -© Abhinav Mankar 030313