The Poetry

On the occasion of : WORLD POETRY DAY 21 MARCH

      pic ©Abhinav Mankar

The Poetry

Elegance of flower
Freshness of  morning dew
The most upper happiness
Given by the only few

As strong as diamond
Both bold and beautiful
She can raise the tempo
And can urge it to cool

Emotions she expresses
Impress the masses
Ordinary can be enlightened
Without any special classes

Always with you
Whether joy or sadness
Company to the lonely
Adrenalin to rich madness

She is desire
She is the love
In rush of the world
She is peaceful dove

Dear to poets
Might to the ink
May this magical mystery
Never goes to sink

She is ‘the Poetry’
And she makes the run
Which brings world closer
Which makes the world ‘one’
-          © Abhinav Mankar 210317