I wake up early morning and stare at the sun It was still for long time and for me it was fun
I shuffle mg eyes for second and by sun it was huge height gain I didn't understood anything Was it a legerdemain?
Next day I went for trek foot after foot scene remain same But when I look directly from top I understood the whole game
The rising sun, climbing mountain were holding secret in same thing Smooth, efficient, continuous action looking briefly seems the magic bing    ©Abhinav Mankar 050417


               Today that time came                It will come was a  fact                My days of preparation                 Still I didn't get the tact
                I know I wasted time              But it was my compulsion And now she enquired me for other guy And my inner thoughts get propulsion
            She is the special friend                   And I can't lie her                 Guy was really good   Crossing him I don't want to try her
               But in my honest view             They don't share the love             No, I was not being villain But actually it was strong infatuation dove
              I know where it is leading Their mental compatibility is not well She will loose her complete significance                   And it will be her hell
 I suggest her to try break not break-up      As I don't mind them going miles    I am just concerned for her well being      I am just concerned for her smiles
          One phone ri…

Lost in Music

Lost in Music pic credit Kathy B
Lost in Music
Party in disco light Dance in crowdy night Veins get the blood run Body get every move but one
Running on heavy note Till you sweat through coat Intensity on exercising face Energy in every human case
Rush of the horns Race for the corns Ringtone of the cell Make it  buzzing rail
Music is sound But you are yet to found The one which give you curve Which is ready to serve
Look after many laughing mile when you got pure curve of smile You get it in the happy silence In absence of any mental violence
Get to the core of the fact Get your thought the right lens Every worry lost in music And You lost in the sound of silence …to meet you
             ©Abhinav Mankar 0606


Clear every doubt at start  Do not keep anything in kart Relation is not started yet Get ready to feel the dart
Trust is the base we know Our lovely tree is about to grow So make it as strong as you can Because after start doubt will be blow
Once started it should be like rock It should be ready to sustain shock No matter what illusion get to eye Only your trust should be there to knock
Tests will be there; there will be maze There will be situation to create amaze May be you look he is prisoning you Actually he will be saving you in cage
It is not party to last for a day It is not word just to say It is something you have to create It is something you have to pay
Returns will always be fair In single time investment you have to care Discuss doubt at start to clear the way And trust will be there for you forever
© Abhinav Mankar 100517


Control Pic credit: Joanna
Fear in your mind draw shadows in the eyes And cold your body observes only lies
Your beat goes fast you struggle for breath It was just a cloudy weather and you see evil in wreath
That lovely breezing air was actually soothing your walk But your sweat goes chilled and your ears hear devil's talk
It was refreshing aroma all it was sandal bark But your dread nose refuse and smell danger in the dark
When you try to run your legs take you down Your tongue touched mud and feels it sugar brown
Your eyes open in hospital you were surrounded by the crew Again your senses took your control even though they ‘belongs' to you
o my poor friend! you are too much techno savvy That you can't receive beautiful gift when nature showered you heavy
o dear! these senses are not you you are owner of them Your body is your own temple where you control them for your name
So let's reverse the ‘control' now mother nature will always help us Connect to her …


pic credit : Daniel Zeevi
They said to sail the world and you lost the sky They asked for your laughter and you forget to cry
They said you are hero and you stop being legend They said you are warrior and you stop being friend
They said, you do They show, you follow But what about your appetite What you want to swallow
Who are ‘they' to define your restriction Who are they to make you sound If it's ‘you', limit is yours Who are they to get you bound
Desire of people around is mere a illusion Mirror of their abilities is not your reflection
So don't stop at the blue sky Just because they see it as limit Go for the black universe For what, unlike them, you are not timid ©Abhinav Mankar 040417


pic credit : Dr Ida Moadab Thirst

In crowd of billions
I search for unknown
Pain in my legs
My mind frown

I walked so long
That gives me scars
I fought with my tears
Looking to the stars

No one I met
Was close to my  sketch
And no one really care
When tired me retch

Year after year
Life-drama remains the same
No one was the perfect
To fit in my frame

Wrinkles on my face
Were showing my age
My precious ink dried
Without feeling my empty page

I was like traveller
Who lost in the sea
And thirst remains same
Having water all around me

Deciding to stop
I sat somewhere alone
And what a wonder
I listened my perfect tone

Rhyme of my breath
Beat of my heart
That were the only things
For which I start

Start then knowing me
And my thirst got droplets
As I lost chance
To take complete goblet

Time near to end
I was sad first
But then become happy
At least I quench my thirst

When I died
I woke up from my dream
And secret I know
Feels like cherry on the cream

Rejuvenated me now
Start run for t…