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Control Pic credit: Joanna
Fear in your mind draw shadows in the eyes And cold your body observes only lies
Your beat goes fast you struggle for breath It was just a cloudy weather and you see evil in wreath
That lovely breezing air was actually soothing your walk But your sweat goes chilled and your ears hear devil's talk
It was refreshing aroma all it was sandal bark But your dread nose refuse and smell danger in the dark
When you try to run your legs take you down Your tongue touched mud and feels it sugar brown
Your eyes open in hospital you were surrounded by the crew Again your senses took your control even though they ‘belongs' to you
o my poor friend! you are too much techno savvy That you can't receive beautiful gift when nature showered you heavy
o dear! these senses are not you you are owner of them Your body is your own temple where you control them for your name
So let's reverse the ‘control' now mother nature will always help us Connect to her …


pic credit : Daniel Zeevi
They said to sail the world and you lost the sky They asked for your laughter and you forget to cry
They said you are hero and you stop being legend They said you are warrior and you stop being friend
They said, you do They show, you follow But what about your appetite What you want to swallow
Who are ‘they' to define your restriction Who are they to make you sound If it's ‘you', limit is yours Who are they to get you bound
Desire of people around is mere a illusion Mirror of their abilities is not your reflection
So don't stop at the blue sky Just because they see it as limit Go for the black universe For what, unlike them, you are not timid ©Abhinav Mankar 040417